4 cool things to do in Cartagena

Updated: Feb 6

Cartagena is a coastal city in northern Colombia and one of the oldest in Latin America. It’s one of today’s most attractive destinations due to beautiful weather year-round, vibrant history and culture, innovative food scene and famous Rosario Island. We wanted to learn more about this Caribbean getaway so we sat down with our friends at Ursula Hosting to get a local perspective. Here’s fours way to pass the time while visiting Cartagena.

"There are so many things to do in Cartagena I always try to curate my clients’ trips based on their interests and styles but if I had to choose four things to do in Cartagena."

"I would say first of all check out the Old Town. You can do it guided or on your own, walking or on a bike. But definitely go through the narrow streets, check out the museums, check out the plazas, walk on the wall that surrounds the city, especially at sunset. It is magical."

"Second, ecotourism is growing in Cartagena. One of the activities that I would recommend and is a lot of fun is net fishing with local fisherman. You not only learn to do something new but you also get to see a different side of the city. Plus you get a really good lunch at the end.

"Visit Rosario Islands and Baru. There are different ways to enjoy them. You can either stay overnight in one of the resorts or get a day pass. Or you can get on your own boat and go island hopping if you want to. You can also drive yourself to Baru and stay as long as you want and then come back to the city.

"And last but not least I would say relax. It doesn't matter what you do, you have to embrace the local culture you have to just leave your worries behind and relax. Lay by the pool, drinks at a rooftop. Go to the beach. Whatever you do, just relax."

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Photo cred: Inti St. Clair, Ursula Hosting, Nico

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