4 must try restaurants in Cartagena

Updated: Feb 6

Cartagena has a diverse and innovative food scene. When it comes to local dishes you’ll find seafood on just about every menu. Fresh tropical fruits and fried foods are also very popular so there is something for just about everybody. One of the most traditional dishes is our famous lunch which consists of a full fried fish, with coconut rice and patacones which many people know as tostones. Two other very typical dishes are ceviche and arepa con huevo. The following are few of our favorite restaurants where you can find some of these dishes.

Juan del Mar is a traditional seafood restaurant with live music, amazing cocktails and great ambiance.

La Cevicheria is a popular spot which started the city's ceviche trend. They don’t take reservations so getting a table can be a challenge but it's definitely worth the wait.

Demente in Getsemani it is an incredible fusion of Spanish tapas, local dishes, good cocktails and great vibes. It’s located in a very popular plaza in Getsemani which is perfect for post dinner drinks.

La Tumbamuertos Burger Bar is a burger shop which also has local dishes, fun drinks, a laid back ambiance and is located in a cute little plaza in San Diego inside El Centro. So you can sit outside and have fun just people watching.

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