4 reasons to visit Ibiza

Picking a travel destination can be overwhelming. With so many options and so little time it's hard to determine which locations deserve your time, money and insta-content.

You might have heard of a little island off the north eastern coast of Spain where the water is turquoise, the seafood is fresh and DJs from around the world serve nasty beats late into the night. This is the Balearic island of Ibiza and these are four main reasons you or anyone looking for their next summer destination should consider it.

The world's most beautiful beaches

Spain is notoriously home to many of Europe's most beautiful beaches some of which can be found in Ibiza. Unlike the rocky shores that exist throughout much of Europe, Ibiza's coasts are lined with fine sandy beaches and the type of crystal clear water typically found on postcards and influencer Instagram pages. You've likely also heard of the beautiful rocky coves called "calas" which are popular among locals for sunbathing and diving.

The island has countless calas to explore with each more beautiful than the last.

Exploring Ibiza's beaches alone will keep you busy but be sure to grab a ferry to Formentera to visit Ses Illetes a neighboring pristine beach which was voted Europe's most beautiful by TripAdvisor in 2016.

Freshest seafood It's no surprise that an island situated on the Mediterranean would be known for its seafood. And if seafood is in fact your thing then you'll be pleased to find every menu and restaurant has more options than you can possibly consume. From daily fresh cod and calamari prepared to your liking to the less familiar but also tasty cuttlefish, Ibiza is the place to satisfy your seafood cravings and potentially even explore new ones.

You'll also want to sample a transnational seafood paella while on the island. And if seafood isn't your thing then opt for the meat or vegetarian version of the classic Spanish dish. Iberian ham is also a delicacy on the island so be sure to grab a few slices of the local favorite whenever you can.

Second to none nightlife If New York is the city that never sleeps then we officially dub Ibiza the Island that refuses to do so as well. Ibiza is notorious for it's world famous day parties and nightclubs which consistently secure high profile residencies with DJs like David Guetta, Carl Cox and Black Coffee. On any given night of the week, guests can expect to dance long into the morning hours at clubs like Hi'Ibiza, Amnesia, DC10 and Ushaia. There's no shortage of options in Ibiza so remember to pace yourself. First timers should be prepared for a late night as club don't really pick up until around 1:30.

Overall good vibes When you combine perfect weather, flawless beaches and feel good music the result is the overwhelming sense of happiness found radiating throughout Ibiza. There's something about the spirit of the island and its locals that forces visitors to check all pretenses at the door and embrace the island life. Strangers exchange smiles in passing and new friends are made everywhere from the local coffee shop to the dance floor of the islands many nightclubs. Ibiza is a beautiful place with beautiful people all emulating joyous summer vibes. Those considering a visit would do well to adopt this mindset - Put a smile on your face and embrace the tranquility of the island.

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