Here's why you should visit Cartagena

Updated: Feb 6

Cartagena is a coastal city in northern Colombia and one of the oldest in Latin America. It’s one of today’s most attractive destinations due to beautiful weather year-round, vibrant history and culture, innovative food scene and famous Rosario Island. We wanted to learn more about this Caribbean getaway so we sat down with our friends at Ursula Hosting to get a local perspective. Here’s why Cartagena should be on your travel bucket list.

History and Architecture

"Cartagena is one of the best maintained colonial towns in Latin America. So the details of these buildings that were built back in the 1700s, 1800s are just beautiful and breathtaking.

The history of Colombia and Cartagena is fascinating, dramatic and intense. You can still feel it when you walk downtown, when you go to the museums and the churches and the plazas."


"When it comes to food, there's a variety of restaurants for everybody. From upscale places run by famous chefs to the mom and dad shops where you can find food for under four dollars.

Plus the food down there is very tasty, it’s organic, very fresh so every bite and dish is really just unforgettable."

Weather and beaches

"And when it comes to beaches, I just need to say one thing. Rosario Island. Google it, it's heaven on earth and it’s only thirty minutes away by boat."

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Photo cred: Inti St. Clair, Ursula Hosting, Nico

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