Top Influencer Guides: Tulum

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

We just can’t get enough of Tulum and neither can these influencers. The Caribbean town on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has seen a dramatic increase in tourism over the past couple of years with one chic bungalow popping up after the next. Whether you’re looking for a long weekend destination or making plans for the summer, these are the influencer guides you absolutely must check out before booking your stay.

Top hotel recommendations: The best hotels in Tulum are Coco Tulum, La Zebra Tulum, Azulik, Mi Amor

@the_adventuresofus: This guide blends Condé Nast style editorial with the sort of wanderlust vibes that make you want to impulse book something you know you won't later regret. Sarah-Louise and Christopher outline the possibilities in their tastefully curated guide complete with a Tulum playlist.

@zeebalife: Claudia Padgett's guide is the exact type you'd expect to get from a friend. Super detailed and ultra candid, it paints a perfect picture of what you can (and shouldn't) expect from Tulum. She also includes great ideas for day trips and links to a few of her other detailed guides.

@leonniehanne: We absolutely love the amount of detail and options included in Leonnie Hanne's Tulum guide and watching her Instagramn stories made us feel like we were right there with here. Check out some of her favorite recommendations at her website and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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