Weekend escapes: Martinique

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Martinique is a colorful little Caribbean island in the French West Indies known for pristine beaches, crystal blue water and a buzzing island culture. Here, people live simply, embracing a tranquil life and celebrating every moment that the sun shines.

The island attracts those looking for secluded beaches, volcanic hiking landscapes and an authentic native experience. As a New Yorker, the island's appeal came from embracing a slowed pace and the friendly demeanor of the locals. For those looking to embrace it, Martinique is an island paradise rich with culture, nature and soulful cuisine. At just four and half hours away from JFK, this it's the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway this winter.

Fly into: Fort-de-France (4.5 hrs from JFK)

Things to know:

It's a part of France: Euro, metric system

You'll need to rent a car (reserve beforehand and request an automatic if you need it)

Where to stay: The southern part of the island is livelier and has incredibly pristine beaches along with many options for water sports such as jet skiing and scuba diving. In the north, the beaches are beautiful but a bit choppier; perfect for those looking to grab a surf board and catch a wave

Towns: Recommend staying in the south

Sainte Luce

Sainte Anne

Hotels: Pierre & Vacance: While I'd typically avoid resorts, Martinique has a limited number of Airbnbs in the St. Luce and St. Anne. Plus this hotel offers breakfast, has a private beach and has jet skii rentals on site.


La Baraqu'obama: Classic and buzzy

La Table De Mamy Nounou: Amazing food and views

Le Nautilux: beach front


Personal recommendations are: Les Salines, a pristine and lively beach in the southern most point of the island. Anse de l'étang, a secluded peninsula in the northeast rife - perfect for surfing.

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